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The following are books I have published through my self-publishing imprint, Infotainment Press, and in collaboration with my co-author, April M. Reign, an Amazon bestselling author through our joint imprint, Rich Reign Press. I hope you'll consider giving these diverse titles a read. 


the one-eyed king book 1

"Welcome to the power of mind over matter."

In a futuristic world still reeling from the ashes of protracted nuclear warfare, resources are scarce, and survival of the fittest is once more the way of the world--that is until one ruling order decides to take charge. Now equality is history and oppression is the new norm.

Born into a chaotic and hostile world, a blind orphan boy, Iori, is kidnapped by an unlikely resistance and train for many years, but he is not alone. An army of soldiers that literally can't see, blindness has become their greatest strength. With all of their other senses heightened and extraordinarily superior fighting skills, they are the only hope for the human race; the only hope for a future of peace and justice. However, as he comes of age, Iori will learn that sometimes, it is necessary to fight fire with fire.

The One-Eyed King delivers a unique vision of a future society that could resemble our own. Inspired by defining works such as The Road, Gone, the Divergent trilogy, and The Hunger Games series, fans of the sci-fi and dystopian genres will enjoy this frantic and frenetic adventure.

the one-eyed king book 2

"Some have eyes but cannot see. Some can see but have no eyes." 

Reunited with his long-lost childhood sweetheart, Iori struggles to navigate the rising tensions between his world--the Land of the Blind, and hers--the World of the Seeing, and the defining role he must play in deciding their fates. As her Resistance gains prominence thanks to his support, the totalitarian ARK makes its move to put an end to their insurgency for good.

Meanwhile, the All-Seeing Army prepares for the Blind War as Iori, and his league of sightless warriors train their minds and educate their bodies like never before. While all these conflicts abound, none is more profound than the one taking place within the heart and soul of the unique teenage boy. Will the One-Eyed King fulfill his people's Prophecy and unleash Armageddon upon the World of the Seeing?

A sequel to The One-Eyed King, The Blind War delivers a unique vision of a future society that could resemble our own. Inspired by defining works such as The Road, Gone, the Divergent trilogy, and The Hunger Games series, fans of the sci-fi and dystopian genres will enjoy this frantic and frenetic adventure.

the one-eyed king book 3

"True love is that which even a blind man can see." 

It's been nearly two years since the fateful Blind War. The ARK is no more, but the planet remains in darkness. An even greater evil has risen in its wake as the notorious All-Seeing King of the Land of the Blind now rules both worlds. Unforgiving, he's unleashed his mystic All-Seeing Army on a rampage across the World of the Seeing. 

Meanwhile, Iori, the One-Eyed King, awakens in an underground shelter to discover he'd been in a coma for almost a year. Haunted by painful visions of his exile, Iori's world has also gone dark--he's lost his seeing eye and his will to live.

However, when he learns that the All-Seeing King is nuking a new city every quarter until he turns himself in, Iori has no choice but to fight back. With his childhood sweetheart, Betty, as his eyes, Iori will emerge to seek his revenge against the man who once fought the forces of evil besides him. Will the One-Eyed King of the Land of the Blind now risk his life to save the World of the Seeing?


the one-eyed king book 4

The eyes can see what lies before, but the mind can see what lies beyond.

At last, Iori has discovered his true vision and emerged out of the darkness with mastery of his newfound powers. However, as he prepares to rejoin Betty and her Resistance, the All-Seeing Army strikes again, leaving a trail of death and destruction in their wake.

With Betty's life now in the All-Seeing King's murderous hands, the time has come for Iori to confront his ultimate nemesis. The One-Eyed King must return to the Land of the Blind and engage the All-Seeing King in mortal combat.

The fates of two worlds rest on the outcome of this otherworldly battle of blind warriors. In their bout for supremacy, only one can become undisputed King of the Land of the Blind. So, which king will determine the future of the World of the Seeing? Which king shall perish in the final moments that will decide the fate of all?

the elitist series book 1

In the Year 2120, Earth is on the brink of self-destruction,
Plagued by radical climate change and destabilizing global warming,
Amid the chaos, one secret society seeks to control the elements.

My name is Geneva. The Elitists, a shadow organization of the world's most brilliant scientists, have enlisted me to retrieve two of the four Element Keys--ancient artifacts believed to contain the raw power of Earth's elements--earth, water, air, and fire. However, my biggest fear is that if the Element Keys are real, and by some miracle we acquire them, we could cause incalculable damage on an unprecedented scale.

My name is Ayo. The Elitists have enlisted me to retrieve the other two Element Keys but, like Geneva, I fear that if the Elitists attempt to control Mother Nature, we could end up destroying not only the planet but the entire solar system we have each sworn an oath to preserve.

Will our daring quest result in humanity gaining the power to save our planet from impending doom, or will using science to play God unleash an even more significant threat?

the elitist series book 2

"For every action, there is an equal an opposite reaction." -Newton's Third Law of Thermodynamics

The scientists of the 21st century were right about one thing--the future was bright. However, beneath the neon lights of the world’s smart cities was a darkness that would consume my very soul and rip my conscience apart. That is the part they did not foresee. Now Planet Earth is in grave danger. I was an Elitist once, but I have evolved into something else, something infinitely more dangerous. My name is Geneva, and I have become an Elemental.

I should have never taken that deal. Some lost islands contain no hidden treasures; some hold only death. If you thought only genies trapped inside obsolescent magic lamps granted wishes, think again. I made such a mistake once, and it has proven fatal. Because of me, Planet Earth is in grave danger. I was an Elitist once, but I have learned my lesson. Now I must make amends. My name is Ayo, and I have become an Elemental.

We knew the Elitists almost succeeded in their plan. Our plan. As former Elitists ourselves, we, too were responsible. Notwithstanding, after barely escaping death in the City of Lights, the Island of Death, and every godforsaken place in between, we have each had a change of heart. From this moment, we shall fight back, together. An ancient force of nature threatens the modern world, and if we can’t stop it, Planet Earth will have no future.


the glass: reflections of a realistic idealist

"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me."

Whoever uttered these words must never have heard the worst words. Words bear immeasurable potency, whether they are spoken or written. As an unknown speaker once remarked, "A tongue has no bones, but it is strong enough to break a heart. Be careful with your words."

Inspired by such words, in The Glass: Reflections of a Realistic Idealist, author Kennyrich chooses to use words wisely. With uncanny wordplay and creative tact, he brings to life an inspirational and entertaining mental, emotional, and spiritual adventure.

Using a seamless combination of poetry, prose, short stories and free verse, he leads the reader in exploring diverse, critical human topics, experiences, sentiments, challenges, and concerns, with one unified purpose at their core--to enrich your life one word at a time.

the black plagues: united we stand, divided we fall

"Is a lion in a cage still king of the jungle?" 

With this seeming riddle, wordsmith, poet and motivational speaker, Kennyrich, creatively and tactfully constructs this unapologetic narrative about the enigmatic African-American race. Notably, about what makes this population of infinite potential our own worst enemy, and arguably, the most prominent contributors to what is wrong with the black culture in America.

Using his signature writing style which infuses a seamless blend of poetry and prose, Kennyrich paints a vivid picture that highlights longstanding plagues that continue to afflict black people in the United States today.

In truth, you may be offended by the controversial words herein, or you may well find yourself in agreement with them. All the same, you will ultimately be impacted and perhaps even enriched by the bold and candid perspectives they offer on race relations in 21st century America.   

crossroads to my own way

"Not all who wander are lost, but Lord knows I sure as hell was."

Dissatisfied with the mundane life he leads, a young man makes the bold decision to set out on a journey to "find his way." His quest is long and perilous and gives him a newfound perspective he never imagined.

This short but profound tale teaches us that our most coveted desires are not always as enriching as they seem and the grass is not necessarily greener on the other side. It is an eye-opening visionary and metaphysical short story that will place you in the shoes of this unsuspecting wanderer as he travels in search of something he cannot quite explain.

When you find yourself at the crossroads of your own life, how will you know which way to go?


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