kenny's meetups

Honestly, I'm just an unapologetic socialite who chooses to be overly friendly in a culture that sometimes promotes or defines manhood as being individualistic, aloof or, worse yet, "mean." Alas, I wasn't molded that way and am grateful for my parents and the village that raised me for that. On the contrary, I'm somewhat transparent, very outgoing, and I make it a habit of reaching out to new people and making new friends because I believe everyone has a unique story worth sharing. I'd be glad to meet you and learn yours sometime if that's cool with you.

From time to time, I'll be hosting or merely attending informative or entertaining events throughout the Dallas-Fortworth metropolis and, eventually, in other cities across the country. Be on the lookout for any such activities that appeal to you and RSVP accordingly so we might get to meet and exchange ideas. I believe that as much as I might have to teach the people I am blessed to encounter, so too do I have much to learn from them.

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